plot_tutorial(network, pore_labels=None, throat_labels=None, font_size=12, line_width=2, node_color='b', edge_color='r', node_size=500)[source]#

Generate a network plot suitable for tutorials and explanations.

  • network (Network) – The network to plot, should be 2D, since the z-coordinate will be ignored.

  • pore_labels (array_like) – A list of values to use for labeling the pores. If not provided then pore index is used.

  • throat_labels (array_like) – A list of values to use for labeling the throat. If not provided then throat index is used.

  • font_size (int) – Size of font to use for labels.

  • line_width (int) – Thickness of edge lines and node borders.

  • node_color (str) – Color of node border.

  • edge_color (str) – Color of edge lines.

  • node_size (int) – Size of node circle.



Return type:

NetworkX plot object