gaseous_species_in_water(phase, T='throat.temperature')[source]#

Calculate Henry’s law constant for gaseous species dissolved in water

  • phase (OpenPNM Phase object) – The phase object to which this model is associated (i.e. attached). This controls the length of the calculated array(s), and also provides access to other necessary properties.

  • T (str (dict key) or numeric) – Name of the dictionary key on phase containing the ndarray of temperature values, in units of [K]. If a numerical value is passed (i.e. a scalar or ndarray) it gets used directly.


H – A numpy ndarray containing Henry’s law constant (Kpx) [atm/mol-frac]

Return type:



The constant for the correlation a lookup using the chemical formula stored in phase.params['formula'].


Yaws, Carl L., et al. “Solubility & Henry’s Law constants for sulfur compounds in water: unlike traditional methods, the new correlation and data presented here are appropriate for very low concentrations.” Chemical Engineering 110.8 (2003): 60-65.