Adjusts the invasion history of pores and throats that are trapped.


  • This function returns nothing, but the following adjustments are made

  • to the data on the object for trapped pores and throats

  • * 'pore/throat.trapped' is set to True

  • * 'pore/throat.invaded' is set to False

  • * 'pore/throat.invasion_pressure' is set to np.inf

  • * 'pore/throat.invasion_sequence' is set to 0


This search proceeds by the following 3 steps:

1. A site percolation is applied to uninvaded pores and they are set to trapped if they belong to a cluster that is not connected to the outlets.

2. All throats which were invaded at a pressure higher than either of its two neighboring pores are set to trapped, regardless of whether the pores themselves are trapped.

3. All throats which are connected to trapped pores are set to trapped as these cannot be invaded since the fluid they contain cannot escape.