ReactiveTransport.rate(pores=[], throats=[], mode='group')#

Calculates the net rate of material moving into a given set of pores or throats

  • pores (array_like) – The pores for which the rate should be calculated

  • throats (array_like) – The throats through which the rate should be calculated

  • mode (str, optional) –

    Controls how to return the rate. The default value is ‘group’. Options are:




    Returns the cumulative rate of material


    Calculates the rate for each pore individually


  • If pores are specified, then the returned values indicate the

  • net rate of material exiting the pore or pores. Thus a positive

  • rate indicates material is leaving the pores, and negative values

  • mean material is entering.

  • If throats are specified the rate is calculated in the

  • direction of the gradient, thus is always positive.

  • If mode is ‘single’ then the cumulative rate through the given

  • pores (or throats) are returned as a vector, if mode is

  • ’group’ then the individual rates are summed and returned as a

  • scalar.