purcell(phase, mode='max', target_Pc=None, num_points=1000.0, r_toroid=5e-06, throat_diameter='throat.diameter', touch_length='throat.touch_length', surface_tension='throat.surface_tension', contact_angle='throat.contact_angle')[source]#

Wrapper for the general toroidal model to implement the Purcell equation for a torus with cylindrical profile and toroidal radius r_toroid.


This approach accounts for the converging-diverging nature of many throat types. Advancing the meniscus beyond the apex of the toroid requires an increase in capillary pressure beyond that for a cylindical tube of the same radius. The details of this equation are described by Mason and Morrow [1], and explored by Gostick [2] in the context of a pore network model.


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