Throat Volume Models#

This model contains a selection of functions for calcuating throat volume assuing various shapes


cuboid(network[, throat_diameter, throat_length])

Calculate throat volume assuing a square cross-section

cylinder(network[, throat_diameter, ...])

Calculate throat volume assuing a cylindrical shape

extrusion(network[, throat_length, throat_area])

Calculate throat volume from the throat area and the throat length.

lens(network[, throat_diameter, pore_diameter])

Calculates the volume residing the hemispherical caps formed by the intersection between cylindrical throats and spherical pores.

pendular_ring(network[, throat_diameter, ...])

Calculates the volume of the pendular rings residing between the end of a cylindrical throat and spherical pores that are in contact but not overlapping.

rectangle(network[, throat_diameter, ...])

Calculate throat volume assuing a rectangular shape