class openpnm.core.ModelsDict(*args, **kwargs)[source]

This subclassed dictionary is assigned to the models attribute of all objects that inherit from the ModelsMixin class. Each dictionary entry corresponds to an entry in the target object’s dictionary, and contains the models and associated parameters for generating the model.

The main features of this subclass are three methods the help resolve the order in which models should be called: dependency_list, dependency_graph, and dependency_map.



Returns a NetworkX graph object of the dependencies


Returns a list of dependencies in the order with which they should be called to ensure data is calculated by one model before it's asked for by another.

dependency_map([ax, figsize, deep, style])

Create a graph of the dependency graph in a decent format

move_to_end(/, key[, last])

Move an existing element to the end (or beginning if last is false).