Collection of functions for import/export of data#

This module contains functionality for importing and exporting data between OpenPNM and other formats.



Loads a network from a CSV file.


Loads the JGF file onto the given project.

network_from_marock(filename[, voxel_size])

Load data from a 3DMA-Rock extracted network.


Creates an OpenPNM Network from a undirected NetworkX graph object


Loads a network from a PerGeos file.


Load a network extracted using the PoreSpy package

network_from_statoil(path, prefix)

Load data from the 'dat' files located in specified folder.

network_to_comsol(network[, filename])

Saves the network and geometry data from the given objects into the specified file.

network_to_csv(network[, filename])

Exports a network to a CSV file.

network_to_jsongraph(network[, filename])

Write the network to disk as a JGF file.


Write OpenPNM Network to a NetworkX object.

network_to_pandas(network[, join, delim])

Converts network data to a Pandas DataFrame.

network_to_pergeos(network[, filename])

network_to_salome(network[, filename, explicit])

Saves the network data and writes a Salome .py instruction file.

network_to_stl(network[, filename, maxsize, ...])

Saves (transient/steady-state) data from the given objects into the specified file.

print_hdf5(f[, flat])

Given an hdf5 file handle, prints to console in a human readable manner

project_to_csv(project[, filename])

Save all the pore and throat data on the Network and Phase objects to a CSV file

project_to_dict(project[, categorize_by, ...])

Returns a single dictionary object containing data from the given OpenPNM project, with the keys organized differently depending on optional arguments.

project_to_hdf5(project[, filename])

Creates an HDF5 file containing data from the specified objects

project_to_pandas(project[, join, delim])

Convert the Network and Phase data to a Pandas DataFrame(s)

project_to_paraview(project, filename)

Exports an OpenPNM network to a paraview state file.

project_to_vtk(project[, filename, ...])

Save network and phase data to a single vtp file for visualizing in Paraview.

project_to_xdmf(project[, filename])

Saves (transient/steady-state) data from the given objects into the specified file.