draw_conduit(network, throat)

Draws a subset of a network given throat numbers.

generate_voxel_image(network[, pore_shape, ...])

Generate a voxel image from a Network

plot_connections(network[, throats, ax, ...])

Produce a 3D plot of the network topology.

plot_coordinates(network[, pores, ax, ...])

Produce a 3D plot showing specified pore coordinates as markers.

plot_networkx(network[, plot_throats, ...])

Creates a pretty 2D plot for 2D OpenPNM networks.

plot_notebook(network[, node_color, ...])

Visualize a network in 3D using Plotly.

plot_tutorial(network[, pore_labels, ...])

Generate a network plot suitable for tutorials and explanations.

plot_vispy(network[, pore_color, pore_size, ...])

Creates a pretty network plot using VisPy.


Prettifies matplotlib's output by adjusting fonts, markersize etc.