run#, tspan, saveat=None, integrator=None)[source]#

Runs the transient algorithm and returns the solution.

  • x0 (ndarray or float) – Array (or scalar) containing initial condition values.

  • tspan (array_like) – Tuple (or array) containing the integration time span.

  • saveat (array_like or float, optional) – If an array is passed, it signifies the time points at which the solution is to be stored, and if a scalar is passed, it refers to the interval at which the solution is to be stored.

  • integrator (Integrator, optional) – Integrator object which will be used to to the time stepping. Can be instantiated using openpnm.integrators module.


The solution object, which is basically a numpy array with the added functionality that it can be called to return the solution at intermediate times (i.e., those not stored in the solution object).

Return type: