sinusoidal(phase, mode='max', target_Pc=None, num_points=1000.0, r_toroid=5e-06, throat_diameter='throat.diameter', pore_diameter='pore.diameter', touch_length='throat.touch_length', surface_tension='throat.surface_tension', contact_angle='throat.contact_angle')[source]#

Wrapper for the toroidal model to implement a sinusoidal profile.

The quarter-wavelength is equal to toroidal radius r_toroid. The amplitude is equal to the toroidal radius multiplied by the ratio of the throat radius and average connecting pore radius.


The capillary pressure equation for a sinusoidal throat is extended from the Washburn equation as [1]:

\[P_c = -\frac{2\sigma(cos(\alpha + \theta))}{r(x)}\]

where alpha is:

\[\alpha = arctan(\frac{dr}{dx})\]



A. Forner-Cuenca et. al, Advanced Water Management in PEFCs: Diffusion Layers with Patterned Wettability. J. ECS. 163, 9, F1038-F1048 (2016).