openpnm.topotools.site_percolation(ij, occupied_sites)[source]

Calculates the site and bond occupancy status for a site percolation process given a list of occupied sites.

  • ij (array_like) – An N x 2 array of [site_A, site_B] connections. If two connected sites are both occupied they are part of the same cluster, as it the bond connecting them.

  • occupied_sites (bool) – A list indicating whether sites are occupied or not


  • A tuple containing a list of site and bond labels, indicating which

  • cluster each belongs to. A value of -1 indicates unoccupied.


The connected_components function of scipy.sparse.csgraph will give ALL sites a cluster number whether they are occupied or not, so this function essentially adjusts the cluster numbers to represent a percolation process.