liquid_mixture_xweighted(phase, prop='pore.viscosity.*', mode='logarithmic', power=1)[source]#

Computes the property of a mixture using the specified mixing rule

  • phase (OpenPNM Phase object) – The phase object to which this model is associated (i.e. attached). This controls the length of the calculated array(s), and also provides access to other necessary properties.

  • prop (str) – The dictionary key containing the property of interest on each component

  • mode (str) –

    The mixing rule to to use. Options are:



    (default) Uses the natural logarithm of the property as: \(ln(z) = \Sigma (x_i \cdot ln(\z_i))\)


    Basic mole fraction weighting of the form \(z = \Sigma (x_i \cdot \z_i)\)


    Applies an exponent to the property as: \(\z^{power} = \Sigma (x_i \cdot \z_i^{power})\)

  • power (scalar) – If mode='power' this indicates the value of the exponent, otherwise this is ignored.