Under Development

This documentation is under active development, and is not ready yet. We aim to release OpenPNM v3 by the end of 2021. This documentation, therefore, does not reflect the latest stable release on PyPI/conda-forge (v2.8.2).

Pore Network Modeling Framework in Python

What is OpenPNM? stars

OpenPNM is an open source project to provide porous media researchers with a ready-made framework for performing a wide range of pore network simulations.

How To Cite

If you use OpenPNM in a publication, please add the following citation:


Gostick J, Aghighi M, Hinebaugh J, Tranter T, Hoeh MA, Day H, Spellacy B, Sharqawy MH, Bazylak A, Burns A, Lehnert W. OpenPNM: a pore network modeling package. Computing in Science & Engineering. 2016 May 25;18(4):60-74. doi:10.1109/MCSE.2016.49.