Project.find_physics(geometry=None, phase=None)[source]

Finds the Physics object(s) associated with a given Geometry, Phase, or combination.

  • geometry (GenericGeometry) – The Geometry object for which the Physics object(s) are sought

  • phase (GenericPhase) – The Phase object for which the Physics object(s) are sought


physics – A list containing the Physics object(s). If only a geometry is specified the the Physics for all Phases is returned. If only a phase is specified, then the Physics for all Geometries is returned. If both geometry and phase is specified then the list only contains a single Physics. If no Physics is found, the the list will be empty. See the Notes section for more information.

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The Project has a grid attribute that shows the associations of all objects. If each Geometry represents a row and each Phase is a column, then each row/col intersection represents a Physics. This method finds the Physics’ at each intersection