openpnm.topotools.generators.voronoi_delaunay_dual(points, shape, crop=False)[source]

Generate a dual Voronoi-Delaunay network from given base points

  • points (array_like or scalar) – The points to be tessellated. If a scalar is given a set of points of that size is generated.

  • shape (array_like) – The size of the domain in which the points lie

  • crop (bool, optional (default is False)) – If True then all points lying beyond the given domain shape will be removed


  • network (dict) – A dictionary containing ‘vert.coords’ and ‘edge.conns’

  • vor (Voronoi object) – The Voronoi tessellation object produced by scipy.spatial.Voronoi

  • tri (Delaunay object) – The Delaunay triangulation object produced scipy.spatial.Delaunay