This module contains a selection of functions that deal specifically with generating sufficient information that can be turned into an openpnm network.


bcc(shape[, spacing, mode])

Generate a body-centered cubic lattice

cubic(shape[, spacing, connectivity])

Generate a simple cubic lattice

cubic_template(template[, spacing])

Generate a simple cubic lattice matching the shape of the provided tempate

delaunay(points[, shape])

Generate a network based on Delaunay triangulation of random points

fcc(shape[, spacing, mode])

Generate a face-centered cubic lattice

gabriel([points, delaunay, shape])

Generate a network based on a Gabriel tessellation, which is a subset of the Delaunay triangulation

voronoi(points[, shape])

Generate a network based on a Voronoi tessellation of base points

voronoi_delaunay_dual(points, shape[, crop])

Generate a dual Voronoi-Delaunay network from given base points