GenericPhysics.set_phase(phase=None, mode='add')[source]

Sets the association between this physics and a phase.

  • phase (GenericPhase) – If mode is ‘add’ or ‘move’, this must be specified so that associations can be recorded in the phase dictionary. If the mode is ‘drop’, this is not needed since the existing association can be used to find it.

  • mode (str) –

    Options are:

    • ’add’ (default)

      If the physics does not presently have an associated phase, this will create associations, but no pore or throat locations will assigned. This must be done using the set_geometry method.

    • ’drop’

      Associations with the existing phase will be removed.

    • ’move’

      Associations will be made with the new phase, and the pore and throat locations from the current phase will be transferred to the new one.


In all cases the property data will be deleted since it will not be relevant to the new phase, so the regenerate_models method must be run.