SpeciesByName.regenerate_models(propnames=None, exclude=[], deep=False)

Re-runs the specified model or models.

  • propnames (str or list[str]) – The list of property names to be regenerated. If None are given then ALL models are re-run (except for those whose regen_mode is ‘constant’).

  • exclude (list[str]) – Since the default behavior is to run ALL models, this can be used to exclude specific models. It may be more convenient to supply as list of 2 models to exclude than to specify 8 models to include.

  • deep (bool) – Specifies whether or not to regenerate models on all associated objects. For instance, if True, then all Physics models will be regenerated when method is called on the corresponding Phase. The default is False. The method does not work in reverse, so regenerating models on a Physics will not update a Phase.