CubicDual.props(element=None, mode='all', deep=False)

Returns a list containing the names of all defined pore or throat properties.

  • element (str, optional) – Can be either ‘pore’ or ‘throat’ to specify what properties are returned. If no element is given, both are returned

  • mode (str, optional) –

    Controls what type of properties are returned. Options are:

    ’all’ : Returns all properties on the object (default)

    ’models’ : Returns only properties that are associated with a model

    ’constants’ : returns data values that were not generated by a model, but manaully created.

  • deep (bool) – If set to True then the props on all associated subdomain objects are returned as well.


  • A an alphabetically sorted list containing the string name of all

  • pore or throat properties currently defined. This list is an iterable,

  • so is useful for scanning through properties.

See also

labels, keys


>>> import openpnm as op
>>> pn =[3, 3, 3])
>>> pn.props('pore')
>>> pn.props('throat')
>>> pn.props()
['pore.coords', 'throat.conns']