openpnm.models.phases.viscosity.chung(target, temperature='pore.temperature', mol_weight='pore.molecular_weight', critical_temperature='pore.critical_temperature', critical_volume='pore.critical_volume')[source]

Uses Chung et al. [1] model to estimate viscosity for gases at low pressure (much less than the critical pressure) at conditions of interest.

  • target (GenericPhase) – The object for which these values are being calculated. This controls the length of the calculated array, and also provides access to other necessary thermofluid properties.

  • temperatre (str) – The dictionary key containing the temperature values (K)

  • critical_temperature (str) – The dictionary key containing the temperature values (K)

  • mol_weight (str) – The dictionary key containing the molecular weight values (kg/mol)

  • critical_volume (str) – The dictionary key containing the critical volume values (m3/kmol)


value – Array containing viscosity values based on Chung model [kg/m.s].

Return type



[1] Chung, T.H., Lee, L.L., and Starling, K.E., Applications of Kinetic Gas

Theories and Multiparameter Correlation for Prediction of Dilute Gas Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity”, Ind. Eng. Chem. Fundam.23:8, 1984.