openpnm.models.phases.thermal_conductivity.chung(target, Cv='pore.heat_capacity', acentric_factor='pore.acentric_factor', mol_weight='pore.molecular_weight', viscosity='pore.viscosity', temperature='pore.temperature', critical_temperature='pore.critical_temperature')[source]

Uses Chung et al. model to estimate thermal conductivity for gases with low pressure(<10 bar) from first principles at conditions of interest

  • target (OpenPNM Base object) – Object with which this model is associated. This controls the length of the calculated array, and also provides access to other necessary properties.

  • acentric_factor (string) – Dictionary key containing the acentric factor of the component

  • Cv (string) – Dictionary key containing the heat capacity at constant volume (J/(mol.K))

  • mol_weight (string) – Dictionary key containing the molecular weight of the component (kg/mol)

  • viscosity (string) – The dictionary key containing the viscosity values (Pa.s)

  • temperature (str) – Name of the dictionary key on target where the array containing temperature values is stored

  • critical_temperatre (string) – The dictionary key containing the critical temperature values (K)


value – A numpy ndarray containing thermal conductivity values in [W/m.K]

Return type