openpnm.models.phases.mixtures.fuller_diffusivity(target, molecular_weight='pore.molecular_weight', molar_diffusion_volume='pore.molar_diffusion_volume', temperature='pore.temperature', pressure='pore.pressure')[source]

Estimates the diffusion coeffient of both species in a binary gas mixture using the Fuller correlation

  • %(models.target.parameters)s

  • molecular_weight (string) – Dictionary key containing the molecular weight of each species. The default is ‘pore.molecular_weight’

  • molar_diffusion_volume (string) – Dictionary key containing the molar diffusion volume of each species. This is used by the Fuller correlation. The default is ‘pore.molar_diffusion_volume’

  • %(models.phase.T)s

  • %(models.phase.P)s


Dij – The dict contains one array for each component, containing the diffusion coefficient of that component at each location.

Return type

dict containing ND-arrys