openpnm.models.phases.electrical_conductivity.percolating_continua(target, phi_crit, tau, volume_fraction='pore.volume_fraction', bulk_property='pore.intrinsic_conductivity')[source]

Calculates the effective property of a continua using percolation theory

  • target (OpenPNM Base object) – Object with which this model is associated. This controls the length of the calculated array, and also provides access to other necessary properties.

  • volume_fraction (str) – The dictionary key in target containing the volume fraction of the conducting component

  • bulk_property (string) – The dictionary key in target containing the intrinsic property of the conducting component

  • phi_crit (float) – The volume fraction below which percolation does NOT occur

  • tau (float) – The exponent of the percolation relationship


sigma_eff – A numpy ndarray containing effective electrical conductivity values.

Return type



This model uses the following percolation relationship:

\[\sigma_{effective}=\sigma_{bulk}(\phi - \phi_{critical})^\lambda\]