classmethod iMorph.import_data(path, node_file='throats_cellsThroatsGraph_Nodes.txt', graph_file='throats_cellsThroatsGraph.txt', voxel_size=None)[source]

Loads network data from an iMorph processed image stack

  • path (str) – The path of the folder where the subfiles are held

  • node_file (str) – The file that describes the pores and throats, the default iMorph name is: throats_cellsThroatsGraph_Nodes.txt

  • graph_file (str) – The file that describes the connectivity of the network, the default iMorph name is: throats_cellsThroatsGraph.txt

  • voxel_size (float) – Allows the user to define a voxel size different than what is contained in the node_file. The value must be in meters.


project – An Project containing a network and a geometry object. The geometry-related data are automatically placed on the geometry object using the Imported geometry class.

Return type