classmethod Statoil.export_data(network, shape, prefix=None, path=None, Pin=None, Pout=None)[source]
  • network (GenericNetwork) – The network

  • shape (array_like) – An ndim-by-1 array or list containing the network dimensions in physical units (i.e. um)

  • prefix (str) – The prefix to append to each file name, such as <prefix>_node1.dat. If not provided project.name is used.

  • path (str or path object) – The location where the exported files should be stored. If not provided the current working directory is used

  • Poutlet (Pinlet and) – The pore index of the inlet and outlet reservoir pores. If not provided then it is assumed they are the second last and last pores in the network, respectively. This would be the case if the add_reservoir_pore function had been called prior to exporting.