classmethod STL.export_data(network, phases=[], filename='', maxsize='auto', fileformat='STL Format', logger_level=0)[source]

Saves (transient/steady-state) data from the given objects into the specified file.

  • network (GenericNetwork.) – The network containing the desired data.

  • phases (list[GenericPhase] (place holder, default is None)) – List of phases containing the desired data.

  • filename (str (optional)) – The name of the file containing the data to export.

  • maxsize (a float or a string "auto" (optional)) – The maximum size of the mesh elements allowed. “auto” corresponds to an automatic determination based on pores and throats sizes. Any float value will be used as a maximum size. Small values result in finner meshes, but slower mesh calculations.

  • fileformat (str (optional)) – Default is “STL Format” which corresponds to STL format. Other formats such as Gmsh and Fluent are supported (see ngsolve.org).

  • logger_level (integer between 0 and 7 (optional)) – Default is 0. The logger level set in netgen package.


This method only saves the geometry of the network, not any of the pore-scale models or other attributes. To save an actual OpenPNM Project use the Workspace object.