class openpnm.io.Pickle[source]

This class contains methods used for saving and loading OpenPNM Workspaces, Projects, and objects as Pickles.


The methods in this class use the pickle module from the standard library. Aside from the security issues, these files can only be loaded by the exact same OpenPNM version used to save them. They are meant for temporary storage.


load_object_from_file(filename[, project])

Loads an OpenPNM object from a file on disk


Loads a saved Project file into the current Workspace

load_workspace(filename[, overwrite])

Loads a saved Workspace into the current one


Saves an OpenPNM object or list of objects to a file of set of files

save_project(project[, filename])

Saves an OpenPNM Project to a file on disk


Saves the current Workspace to a file on disk