ConesAndCylinders.add_model(propname, model, regen_mode='', **kwargs)

Adds a new model to the models dictionary.

  • propname (str) – The name of the property to be calculated by the model.

  • model (function) – A reference (handle) to the function to be used.

  • regen_mode (str) –

    Controls how/when the model is run (See Notes for more details). Options are:

    ’normal’ - (default) The model is run directly upon being assiged, and also run every time regenerate_models is called.

    ’constant’ - The model is run directly upon being assigned, but is not called again, thus making it’s data act like a constant. If, however, the data is deleted from the object it will be regenerated again.

    ’deferred’ - Is not run upon being assigned, but is run the first time that regenerate_models is called.

    ’explicit’ - Is only run if the model name is explicitly passed to the regenerate_models method. This allows full control of when the model is run.