class openpnm.algorithms.TransientIonicConduction(*args, **kwargs)[source]

A subclass of GenericTransport to perform steady and transient simulations of pure diffusion and advection-diffusion problems.


The coefficients matrix, A (in Ax = b)


A shortcut to query the total number of pores on the object


A shortcut to query the total number of throats on the object


A shortcut to get a list of all pores on the object


A shortcut to get a list of all throats on the object


The right-hand-side (RHS) vector, b (in Ax = b)


String representing the name of the object


A shortcut to get a handle to the associated network.


A shortcut to get a handle to the associated project.


Dictionary containing object settings.


Shortcut to the solution currently stored on the algorithm.


get_conduit_data(poreprop[, throatprop, mode])

Combines requested data into a single 3-column array.


Retrieves requested property from associated objects, to produce a full Np or Nt length array.

interpolate_data(propname[, mode])

Determines a pore (or throat) property as the average of it's neighboring throats (or pores)

map_pores(pores, origin[, filtered])

Given a list of pore on a target object, finds indices of those pores on the calling object

map_throats(throats, origin[, filtered])

Given a list of throats on a target object, finds indices of those throats on the calling object

props([element, mode, deep])

Returns a list containing the names of all defined pore or throat properties.

rate([pores, throats, mode])

Calculates the net rate of material moving into a given set of pores or throats

remove_BC([pores, bctype])

Removes boundary conditions from the specified pores.

remove_source(propname[, pores])

Removes source terms from specified pores.


Resets the algorithm to enable re-use.


Fetches the calculated quantity from the algorithm and returns it as an array.

run(x0, tspan[, saveat, integrator])

Runs the transient algorithm and returns the solution.

set_rate_BC(pores[, rates, total_rate, mode])

Apply constant rate boundary conditons to the specified locations.

set_source(propname, pores[, mode])

Applies a given source term to the specified pores.

set_value_BC(pores, values[, mode])

Applues constant value boundary conditons to the specified pores.

set_variable_props(variable_props[, mode])

This method is useful for setting variable_props to the settings dictionary of the target object.

show_hist([props, bins, fontsize])

Shows a quick plot of key property distributions.


Converts a boolean mask to a list of pore or throat indices.

to_mask([pores, throats])

Convert a list of pore or throat indices into a boolean mask of the correct length.

toindices(*args, **kwargs)

Brief explanation of tomask

tomask(*args, **kwargs)

Brief explanation of tomask