TransientAdvectionDiffusion.show_hist(props=['pore.diameter', 'throat.diameter', 'throat.length'], bins=20, fontsize=14, **kwargs)

Shows a quick plot of key property distributions.

  • props (str or List[str]) – The pore and/or throat properties to be plotted as histograms. By default this function will show ‘pore.diameter’, ‘throat.diameter’, and ‘throat.length’.

  • bins (int or array_like) – The number of bins to use when generating the histogram. If an array is given they are used as the bin spacing instead.

  • fontsize (int) – Sets the font size temporarily. The default size of matplotlib is 10, which is too small for many screens. This function has a default of 22, which does not overwrite the matplotlib setting. Note that you can override matplotlib setting globally with matplotlib.rcParams['font.size'] = 22.


Other keyword arguments are passed to the matplotlib.pyplot.hist function.