This method determines which pores and throats are filled with invading phase at the specified capillary pressure, and creates several arrays indicating the occupancy status of each pore and throat for the given pressure.


Pc (scalar) – The capillary pressure for which an invading phase configuration is desired.


  • A dictionary containing an assortment of data about distribution

  • of the invading phase at the specified capillary pressure. The data

  • include

  • **’pore.occupancy’** (A value between 0 and 1 indicating the)

  • fractional volume of each pore that is invaded. If no late pore

  • filling model was applied, then this will only be integer values

  • (either filled or not).

  • **’throat.occupancy’** (The same as ‘pore.occupancy’ but for throats.)

  • This dictionary can be passed directly to the update method of

  • the *Phase object. These values can then be accessed by models*

  • or algorithms.