GenericTransport.set_value_BC(pores, values, mode='merge')[source]

Applues constant value boundary conditons to the specified pores.

These are sometimes referred to as Dirichlet conditions.

  • pores (array_like) – The pore indices where the condition should be applied

  • values (float or array_like) – The value to apply in each pore. If a scalar is supplied it is assigne to all locations, and if a vector is applied is must be the same size as the indices given in pores.

  • mode (str, optional) –

    Controls how the boundary conditions are applied. The default value is ‘merge’. Options are:




    Adds supplied boundary conditions to already existing conditions, and also overwrites any existing values. If BCs of the complementary type already exist in the given locations, those values are kept.


    Deletes all boundary conditions of the given type then adds the specified new ones (unless locations already have BCs of the other type)


The definition of quantity is specified in the algorithm’s settings, e.g. alg.settings['quantity'] = 'pore.pressure'.