OpenPNM is completely free to use, but we would appreciate if you would cite the following paper in any publications.

Gostick et al. OpenPNM: A pore network modeling package. Computing in Science & Engineering. 18(4), p60-74. (link)

Publications Using OpenPNM

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9. Lee, C., Hinebaugh, J., Banerjee, R., Chevalier, S., Abouatallah, R., Wang, R., & Bazylak, A. (2017). Influence of limiting throat and flow regime on oxygen bubble saturation of polymer electrolyte membrane electrolyzer porous transport layers. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 42(5), 2724-2735.

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6. Tranter, T., J. Gostick, A. Burns, and W. Gale.  Pore Network Modeling of Compressed Fuel Cell Components with OpenPNM.  Fuel Cells. 16(4), p504–515, 2016. (Link)

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