class Voronoi(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: openpnm.network.DelaunayVoronoiDual.DelaunayVoronoiDual

Random network formed by Voronoi tessellation of arbitrary base points

  • points (array_like, optional) – The base points around which to generate the Voronoi tessellation.

  • num_points (scalar, optional) – If points is not supplied, then this must be given. A sent of randomly located points will be generated.

  • shape (array_like) –

    The size of the domain. It’s possible to create cubic as well as 2D square domains by changing the shape as follows:

    [x, y, z] - will produce a normal cubic domain of dimension x, and and z

    [x, y, 0] - will produce a 2D square domain of size x by y

  • name (string) – An optional name for the object to help identify it. If not given, one will be generated.

  • project (OpenPNM Project object, optional) – Each OpenPNM object must be part of a Project. If none is supplied then one will be created and this Network will be automatically assigned to it. To create a Project use openpnm.Project().


By definition these points will each lie in the center of a Voronoi cell, so they will not be the pore centers. The number of pores in the returned network thus will differ from the number of points supplied