The StatOil format is used by the Maximal Ball network extraction code of the Imperial College London group

This class can be used to load and work with those networks. Numerous datasets are available for download from the group’s website.

The so-called ‘Statoil’ format consists of 4 different files in a single folder. The data is stored in columns with each corresponding to a specific property. Headers are not provided in the files, so one must refer to various theses and documents to interpret their meaning.

classmethod import_data(path, prefix, network=None)[source]

Load data from the 'dat' files located in specified folder.

  • path (string) – The full path to the folder containing the set of 'dat' files.

  • prefix (string) – The file name prefix on each file. The data files are stored as <prefix>_node1.dat.

  • network (OpenPNM Network Object) – If given then the data will be loaded on it and returned. If not given, a Network will be created and returned.


Return type

An OpenPNM Project containing a GenericNetwork holding all the data

classmethod load(*args, **kwargs)[source]

This method is being deprecated. Use import_data instead.