Version 1.6 Released

On February 16th, we released version 1.6 of OpenPNM. The list of changes can be found on the Github Releases page.  The main upgrades are some new plotting functions for quickly visualizing networks without having to power-up Paraview, and 2 new network generation classes that create “dual” networks that interpenetrate each other.  The point of this dual-network approach is to simultaneously model diffusion through the pore space, and heat transfer or electron conduction through the solid.  The two networks are also interconnected so that heat can be exchanged between the solid and phases in the void.  Below shows a nice image of the CubicDual object, that is also created using the new plotting tool. The other dual-network is a very nice VoronoiDelaunayDual class to create random structures, as described in the OpenPNM-Examples repository.

As usual, the newest version of OpenPNM is available on the Python Package Index (PyPI) and can be installed with pip install openpnm –upgrade.

We’ve also decided to shut down the Gitter account and just field user questions through the Github Issues page.  This makes it quite a bit easier to encapsulate questions and answers for other users to search through.