Version 1.1 Released

The OpenPNM Team is pleased to announce the release of OpenPNM-v1.1.  This updated package can be downloaded from the Python Package Index (PyPI) using pip install openpnm –upgrade (drop the –upgrade for first time installs).

This new release adds several key functionalities to the code:

  • The ability to effortlessly save and load simulations using the new Controller object
  • The ability to clone Networks
  • The ability nonlinear add source/sink/reaction terms to any transport calculation
  • Improved interaction with the pore scale models that are stored each object.  They are no longer hidden in a private dictionary, and are now easily accessed, viewed, changed, etc using a customized dictionary.  The documentation on the website as been fully updated to reflect all these changes.
  • Refined object interaction and data exchange, meaning that the geometric properties of ALL pores can be accessed directly from the Network object, and Physics properties from the Phase object.
  • And of course, many new methods and tweaks to make working with the data and objects more friendly and efficient.