Major Announcements

OpenPNM to be integrated into Dragonfly!

The PMEAL team at U of Waterloo has just received funding through an NSERC Engage grant to start a collaboration with Object Research Systems to add OpenPNM to their Dragonfly visualization package.  This grant provides $25k for a 6 month project, to pay students on the PMEAL team to code the interface.  This a big…

OpenPNM Receives Funding from CANARIE

The OpenPNM Team has recently received funding from the CANARIE agency.  This significant amount of funding will pay for a software developer to build a GUI-frontend to the software, as well as a research associate to expand the back end capabilities to handle substantially larger networks.  Our goal is to perform simulations on networks with…

OpenPNM is officially peer-reviewed

The OpenPNM team has prepared a paper outlining the architecture and capabilities of our software package. It is now officially available in the IEEE journal Computers in Science and Engineering. The developers would appreciate if people cited this article if they use OpenPNM in any publication.